Makita 5012B 12-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

The Makita 5012B 12-Inch Electric Chainsaw: Light, Nimble, Quick…

makita chainsaw 5012b image…And tough!

The Makita 5012B is a quick cutting, lightweight, and easy-to-handle chainsaw. But in spite of its light weight, this Makita chainsaw is also well built and durable. If you’ve got lots of really heavy-duty cutting to do (as in BIG trees), this might not be the best chainsaw for you.

But don’t underestimate the capabilities of this little saw.

True, the Makita 5012B is only a 12-inch saw. But it’s also got one of the fastest chain speeds of any electric chainsaws on the market. The chain on this Makita chainsaw spins at a lightning fast 5500 feet per minute. That’s more than 60 miles per hour!

So unless you regularly have to cut trees or limbs more than a foot in diameter — and assuming that a corded electric will work for your situation — this chain saw is worth considering.

Features of the Makita 5012B 12-Inch Electric Chainsaw:

Compact and Lightweight
At just 9 1/2 pounds, this is a light chainsaw. The Makita 5012B chainsaw won’t wear you down as much as handling heavier chainsaws for long hours of use.

High Chain Speed
Turning at 5500 feet per minute, this Makita saw is one of the fastest turning chainsaws on the market. The high speed will help you zip through cuts faster and easier. This feature combined with the light weight of the saw really helps to reduce the fatigue factor of working with this chainsaw.

Polycarbonate Housing
According to customer testimonials, the Makita 5012B is a very durable and reliable chainsaw. The tough polycarbonate housing is part of the reason for this Makita’s durability. In addition to being very lightweight, polycarbonate is an extremely tough material. (Transparent polycarbonate is one of the key materials used in the production of bulletproof windows!)

Large Hand-Protector
The large hand-protector helps to deflect flying wood chips and poking branches from your hand.5012b makita electric chainsaw image

Overload Protector
The Makita 5012B has a built-in overload protector designed to protect the chainsaw motor (and you!) from electrical power surges.

Double Insulated
The Makita 5012B is constructed with 2 separate layers of insulation to help protect you against electric shock.

What’s Included:
The Makita 5012B comes with an 11.75 inch chain and guide bar, a chain cover, a socket wrench for adjusting chain tension, a Phillips screwdriver, a file and a cord hook.

Makita chainsaws come with a full 1-year warranty.

What Consumers are Saying About the Makita 5012B Chainsaw:
This chainsaw is extremely popular with customers at With more than 20 customer reviews (as of this writing), the average rating is nearly 5 stars out of 5. There are no negative reviews, and only a couple of 4 star ratings. All other reviews rate this Makita chainsaw at the maximum rating of 5 stars.

Click here if you’d like to read through the customer reviews yourself (you’ll be impressed!). Here’s a summarization of what customers are reporting that they like and don’t like about the Makita 5012B:


  • Customers love the light weight of this Makita saw. Many remarked that it’s much easier to work with for longer periods than other chainsaws they’ve used. And a couple of customer reviewers mentioned that the light weight makes this a great chainsaw for wood carving or sculpting (or ice sculpting, in the case of one customer).
  • Of course, a consistent theme across the customer reviews is that customers like the obvious advantages offered by electric chainsaws over gas-powered chainsaws. Smooth and quiet cutting, ease of use, no starting issues and nearly zero maintenance requirements were the most oft-mentioned electric vs. gas benefits. And one (apparently elderly) reviewer noted that it’s great for older people not to have to wrestle with a chainsaw just to get it started. (I second that! More than once I’ve been in the situation where just getting a gas-powered saw started was more of a time-consuming ordeal than the job at hand!)
  • Durability. It’s a common thread throughout the Amazon customer reviews that this is a tough, durable and reliable chainsaw. In fact, at the time of this writing there wasn’t a single negative comment about the durability or reliability of this chainsaw.
  • The fast speed of this saw (5500 FPM) really makes a difference. Many reviewers remarked about how quickly the Makita 5012B goes through cuts. Several also noted how much the ability to make quick cuts eased the physical strain of using a chainsaw.

No product is absolutely perfect, and the Makita 5012B is no exception – but it’s close. Customers haven’t complained about much with this little chainsaw. But here are a couple of things that customer reviewers complained about:


  • The fast speed of this saw has a drawback, according to a couple of reviewers, because they said they were “covered with chips” when the job was finished. But they also mentioned that the job was finished fast.
  • One reviewer felt that the documentation provided with the chainsaw is insufficient. This reviewer had to call technical support for instructions on changing the sprocket. (There’s a link to the online users manual below if you’d like to look the manual over.)
  • Several reviewers mentioned that they purchased the saw for wood carving or sculpting. They weren’t aware that the guide bar has a tip protector to help prevent kickbacks. The tip protector interfered with using the saw for carving, so they had to replace the guide bar. (And having replaced the bar, several stated that this saw is excellent for carving due to its fast chain speed and light weight.)

Additional Notes:
-Comes with a full 1-year warranty.
-You can view the online version of this Makita electric chainsaw manual right here.
-Comes fully assembled and ready to use.
-The Makita 5012B is currently available at for around $200 with free shipping. Click here to see current pricing.